Q: Who is the book intended for?
A: The Art of SPET is written for anyone who interacts with athletes. This includes coaches, sports psychologists, clinicians, personal trainers, strengths and conditioning coaches, scouts, recruiters, team management, and even parents. More information can be found here at About the Art of SPET.

Q: Can athletes benefit from The Art of SPET as a self-help book?
A: Theoretically, the answer is yes. When athletes incorporate SPET strategies into their routines they should experience results. However, athletes must approach certain strategies with caution considering some of the strategies require the assistance from a coach. Some strategies involve dually integrated role-plays to achieve optimal results. Others require important feedback from coaches to help athletes progressively fine-tune their skills. While this book has a lot to offer athletes, it is primarily intended for coaches and sports professionals.

Q: Who are some athletes you have worked with in the past?
A: My policy is to keep the names and identities of my athletes completely confidential. Sorry about that. I would do the same for you if you were my client. This is to maintain trust between clients and myself. And it is to protect athletes from potential feelings of embarrassment, shame, or scrutiny if others were to find out (not that every athlete would feel this way). That being said, although my specialty is in baseball I have worked with athletes in football, soccer, softball, tennis, golf, basketball, track and field, and swimming.

Q: What other types of services do you provide?
A: Along with working individually with athletes, I also provide consultation for coaches and teams to improve individual and overall mental performance. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please email me at theartofspet@gmail.com.