Services Offered

I train athletes to maximize their mental game so they may reach their full potential on game day. Complimenting a strong physical game with a solid mental game ensures athletes learn to execute everything they’ve worked so hard towards in practice by minimizing over thinking and unnecessary self-talk, and by learning to manage stress. I achieve this by incorporating the following into my work with athletes so they become experts on themselves and learn how to solve each and every future issue independently and with confidence:
  • Complete a 75 questionaire-assessment (50 questions are multiple choice) to accurately measure 10 critical mental skills to identify current strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Psycho-education so athletes fully understand the nature of their issues and to normalize symptoms.
  • Physiological education so athletes understand how behaviors, symptoms, and cognitive (thinking) processes work, including how the tools we will incorporate specifically work to target each.
  • Proper goal setting – including how to establish appropriate short- term and long-term goals.
  • Developing effective pre-game routines and keeping an eye out on “Red-Flags and Green-Flags”.
  • Physical coping and relaxation skills to manage stress, reduce physiological symptoms, and build physical resiliency.
  • The incorporation of important focusing, self-motivation, and positive self-talk tools.
  • Positive Imagery and Sensory-Integrated-Imagery-Rehearsal
  • Maximizing work-ethic.
  • How to improve mindfulness, sleep, hobbies, and self-care off the field.

Common reasons why athletes, teams, and coaches reach out to me:

In 2018 I worked with athletes in Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, in the National Football League, athletes on the Men’s and Women’s professional Tennis tours, in Major League Soccer, and collegiate athletes. Athletes come to me for a host of issues. Some want to simply reach their full potential while others come to learn how to confront specific issues. Here are some of the more common reasons why athletes, teams and agents approach to me:
  • To maximize on-field performance potential (non-clinical).
  • To build stress tolerance skills (non-clinical).
  • Helping athletes transition from college to professional – ensuring they remain competitive as they move up the professional ranks (non- clinical).
  • Addressing specific performance related issues (non-clinical).
  • Train/consult with coaches and team organizations so they may apply mental skills independently among their own athletes (non-clinical).
  • Work with entire teams all at once to introduce and practice important mental skills as a group (non-clinical).
  • Work with recently retired athletes to help them transition and adjust from professional sports into regular day life (clinical service: in-state only).
  • Clinical treatment to assist athletes experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment, substance, or other mental health issues (clinical service: in-state only).

Important to know:

  • Guaranteed individual confidentiality to maintain an athlete’s privacy.
  • Professional Liability Insurance $1,000,000(per incident)/$3,000,000(aggregate).
  • Offices in Pasadena and Downey (California).
  • FaceTime and Skype sessions available for athletes who travel often (does not include clinical services).
  • Fee: $200 per hour (not including travel or other necessary expenses when applicable; a sliding scale may be offered for athletes with unique financial needs).